Search options

Taking misspelled words into account

If this option is on, then for any word in the query the search will be performed taking into account the possibility of misspelled words (misprints). The first letter of a word will be always assumed to be correct. Each word is supposed to contain no more than one of the following typing errors:

Search for common-root words

If this option is on, then for any word in the query all its word-forming forms will be taken into account.

Ordering of results

This option specifies what documents matching the query will be listed first.

How fragments are highlighted

The keywords matching the query, as well as the phrases in which they appear, may be heighlighted either with colors or with font styles. If your monitor is a monochrome one, or you want to output the search results to a printer, it is advisable to hightlight fragments with font styles. In general, however, the highlighting with colors looks better.

Date interval

For the most part, database documents include a field containing date information. The exact meaning of that field usually depends on the nature of the database. (For example, this may be the document's creation date, or the time when the document was added to the database.)

You may specify the date inteval you are interested in by filling the form fields from and to that indicate the first and last dates of the time interval, respectively.

If the field to is left blank, the last date will be assumed be the same as the first date.

The dates can be written in one of the following forms:

If the documents in a database do not contain a field with date information, then the full text of the documents is searched for the dates specified by the date interval.