Error messages

If Artefact is given a query containing syntax errors, it will produce one of the following error messages:

Insufficient memory - the query is too large
This message may appear, only if the query is really large!
Too many parenthesis in the query
Field name is too long
The field name is either invalid or very large.
The number of fields in a multifield > 7
Wrong field name
The field table of the database does not contain this field..
Fragment length contains too many digits
Unpaired left parenthesis
NOT preceded by an operator other than AND or :
Operators AND and OR must not appear at the same level of parentheses
Unpaired right parenthesis
A failure during morphological analisys
In all probability, the file AF_MAIN.DIC is corrupted.
Unrecognized operand
Too long operand
Empty parentheses
Invalid token in the query
Zero length operand
Empty query
Syntax error or misspeled date
Initial date in a date interval is greater than the final one
Wrong Operator \ or /
A dot in a word. Enter the word's parts as separate words
Unpaired parentheses
Read error
Truncated operand must contain at least 3 letters
The parenthesis "field" appears too deep
Closing quotation mark is missing
The fields "/date" and "/text" can not be specified for the same phrase
A context restriction appears in the scope of a stronger restriction
Unrecognized Error

Database is inaccessible. It may be being updated.
Click the basename. If the problem persists, inform the authors.